The Church of Seven Planes (CSP) is a World-Wide Interfaith Church Headquartered in beautiful Cooper Texas.

The CSP holds many truths to be evident, but we do not insist that others accept this philosophy. But, we hope that one day all people will see the inherent truth that lies around them, not just in holy places or churches or with particular people but everywhere, and will order their lives thereby. We also believe that every person must experience the truth for themselves in order for it to take a hold of their life and become their guiding revelation.

The CSP believes that regardless of the physical experience there is but one God or Supreme Being, no matter what name he/she may be called. It should be the goal of everyone to look for that God in the world around them and let that discovery enrich their life and the lives of those around them.

The founders of the CSP each held different religious beliefs and practices and created this organization in an attempt to create a place to share and practice those beliefs with little persecution and/or criticism.

One of the religions that is found in the CSP community is Christianity. Some might even see this, for better or worse, as the majority religion in the CSP community; though great lengths are taken to keep it from being the dominating religion. Luckily, Christianity is famous for holding countless schools of thought under its umbrella. The Christian history books clearly show the truth of this situation. The Medieval scholars who worked with systematized theology the method of Aristotle; the earliest among the Church Fathers of philosophic bent were often Platonists; while other parts of Christian doctrine draw from Neo-Platonic, Gnostic, Pagan and Jewish thought.

Ancient Truths

One of the beliefs that has been discussed and examined by theologicians and scholars and mystics since ancient times has been the idea that a theology can justify itself and be of permanent value only in so far as it partakes of the character of total divine wisdom. Basically, man being in essence a part of the Divine can ultimately know the Deity whose life he shares by gradually unfolding through his life powers that are latent in him. Man, if the desire is there, can eventually grow into knowledge and mastery of the universe, which is in turn all the expression of the divine life. A theology that helps and doesn’t hinder man’s growth towards the Divine life is a theology of great value. A theology that allows one to open themselves in ways that allow the growth of their spiritual faculties is a theology of permanent value.

This method of approach to the divine truth is as old as man. It finds complete justification in Christian scripture and the religious methods of both East and West. Thus, truth is recognized in some form by all and any religious experience, wherever it is. Truth is not restricted to any one group, location, experience or holy writ.

With men of antiquity it is held that there are three truths which are absolute and which cannot be lost, for they are eternal in their divine message:

The soul of man is immortal and its future is the future of a thing whose growth and splendor have no limit.

The principle which gives life dwells within us and without us. It is undying, and eternally beneficent. It is not seen or heard or felt, but is perceived by the man who desires perception.

Each man is his own absolute law giver, the dispenser of glory or gloom to himself, the decrier of his life, his reward, his punishment.
These truths, which are as great as life itself, are as simple as the simplest mind of men. Feed the hungry with them.
The Church of Seven Planes and the Laying on of Hands

Throughout time and within many different cultures and beliefs, the laying on of hands to heal either a physical or spiritual ailment has become an established practice. Many religious groups and people see this as a vital part of their doctrine, dogma and practice.

The CSP understands that many of it’s ministers and members also use the laying on of hands in order to help bring about physical healing and spiritual comfort to those in turmoil. The CSP also believes and understands that those who perform the laying on of hands are but vessels for the healing and love that proceeds though them. It is a higher power, a Deity or Deities, who actually empower someone to assist those in need. Faith, love and compassion are necessary and vital in performing this ultimate act of human kindness to another in distress. With this in mind, the CSP endorses the practice of laying on of hands, in a religious sense, to bring about healing and comfort. However:

The Church of Seven Planes, its staff, officers, clergy, volunteers and members (collectively “CSP”) believes that it is possible to enhance one’s health through spiritual exercise. CSP has members or clergy (commonly called healers) who pursue spiritual health through prayer, meditation, and other religious/spiritual rituals which may include oils, incense, candles, etc. However, CSP is not a medical provider, does not practice medicine, and none of CPS’s staff or clergy are medical practitioners. Anyone seeking assistance from CSP “healers” should consult a physician for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of disease. If you do not have a physician you are advised to contact the licensing board in your area for a referral.

CSP does not support those who wish to engage in this practice but yet avoid following legal responsibilities and requirements.
The Law Of Cause And Effect

The world is the theatre of an ordered plan, according to which the spirit of man, by repeatedly expressing himself in varying conditions of life and experience, continually unfolds his divine powers. That evolution or spiritual enfoldment takes place under an inviolable law of cause and effect, as it was written: “‘Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Gal. vi, 7) His doings in each physical incarnation largely determine his experience after death in the intermediate world (or world of purgation) and the heavenly world and greatly influence the circumstances of his next birth.

Spiritual Guides

Man is also a link in a vast chain of life extending from the highest to the lowest. As he helps those below him, so also he is helped by those who stand above him on the ladder of lives, receiving thus their help and grace. There is undoubtedly a communion of saints, in some form, of those holy men and women who led the greatest of lives on earth and now continue to help mankind. There is also a ministry of angels or guides with whom help guide men along their difficult path.

Ethical Duties

Man has ethical duties to himself and others. The Biblical quote “Thou shalt love they neighbor was thyself” is a law all the great religious leaders follow, regardless of religion. This law not just brings personal satisfaction but also contributes towards bringing peace among men. This is a universal law no matter what religion or lack of religion one has.

It is the duty of man to learn to discern the divine light in himself and others. That light that everyone has whether they acknowledge it and grow it or not. That which harms one harms the entire brotherhood/sisterhood. Hence a man owes it as duty to the God within himself and others: first, to endeavor constantly to live up to the highest that is in him, thereby enabling that God within himself to become more perfectly manifest; and, secondly, to recognize the fact of that brotherhood/sisterhood by constant effort towards unselfishness, love, consideration for, service of, his fellowman. Service of humanity and the sacrifice of the lower self to the higher are laws of spiritual growth.



There is one religion, only one, though there may appear to be many. When understood according to their mystical or true meaning, they are basically the same, proclaiming the Truth and teaching the relation of God to His creation. All sound religious creeds are valid and rather than condemning each other, their followers should be reconciled.

Unfortunately, people have used religion to advance their claim to superiority and promote separation rather than to advance peace, harmony and inner growth.

Perhaps if people realized that when religious books tell us to destroy unbelievers. We are actually being told to eliminate negative, materialistic and doubting thoughts and ideas within us. For truly, they are our enemies and must be destroyed if we are to reach our spiritual fulfillment.

The world is our home, and our brothers and sisters are all humankind.

Why Religion Today?

Religion is a means to an end. As such, it may be seen to have a dual purpose.

First, it should provide a workable and progressively uplifting philosophy of life. The word “philosophy” means love of wisdom. Wisdom may be considered to be the sum of the experiences and knowledge gained during all of man’s past lives. Knowledge alone is the function of the lower mind. Wisdom reaches far above the lower mind. It involves the whole human being, including that understanding often attributed to man’s heart-qualities. Wisdom gives man that true perspective with which to discover the real purpose of life. It makes possible prudent, dispassionate and perfect judgment.

Religion, then, must have a place daily life, building the honest, unselfish, tolerant human being and producing in him/her the preference for spiritual values over material excesses. While thus raising his/her awareness to see the divine life in all of God’s creation and creatures, it yet aids him/her to attach proper values to everything in existence in the universe. Seen in this light, material means have their place and are necessary; but their utilization rather than their acquisition deserves primary attention. An obvious expression of such a philosophy of life is found in man’s affinity for all nature, a sign of a mature love and heartfelt respect for the Creator’s creation. In the effort to understand even more fully nature’s ways, man is helped by an eager intellect that directs his studies and interests toward the divine. Truth, being what it is to each person, enlightens him increasingly as his intuitive faculties unfold. Eventually everyone will know the Divine first hand.

The second purpose of religion is to develop a realization of the divinity in man. The root meaning of the word ‘religion’ – to bind back – refers to man’s basic oneness with the Deity. Religion sees in the Deity a universal, all-embracing being of abstract perfection. To bind back to the Deity implies man’s inner urge, his spiritual quest for his own perfection and return to a spiritually-fulfilling life. To achieve this he needs the experiences of many lives on earth. The laws of nature all of which are divine laws, aid him in his unfoldment towards perfection. Among these laws one principle is fundamental: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Gal. VI.7).

Institutions Of Religion

Religion does not mean dogma, doctrine, or denominational regulation. It does not require rigid ceremonial or ritual. It does not require institutional churches. However, ritual and places where they can be performed are invaluable tools that should be used to aid and strengthen man’s spiritual development.

Religion does require that the mind be completely free to participate in the search for the Divine according to each person`s inclinations and potential for response. Thus, there can be no authority dictating beliefs, creeds, or dogmas, nor setting up restrictions which inhibit the discovering of divine power.

Why Your Participation In The Services Of The Church

Performed by imperfect human beings no ritual can be spiritually perfect in and of itself. Yet, there is a great value in performing a religious ritual and/or ceremony. It gives every human being the beautiful opportunity, and it is hoped, the inner responsibility, to become a dedicated and effective channel through which the Deity can pour out the Divine power and blessing over the universe. Looking at the celebration of life with purely physical sight may not reveal any particular orthiness, except perhaps its simple beauty. But exploring and discovering the deep wisdom and tremendous usefulness underlying the purpose of the Celebration of Life opens one’s spiritual eyes to an untold splendor.

Thus, the philosophy of life promulgated through the work of the CSP allows expression of every individual’s inner nature and furthers the steady unfoldment of his divine stature. The one great goal lying before us all is to go forward and rise upward toward a more wholesome, inspired life which will help us to become devoted and productive workers in the divine plan for this world. Your participation in this work will always be of great benefit to you, the community, and to mankind as a whole. The CSP holds its doors open to all who find joy and happiness in reverently partaking of the Creator’s blessings.

Embodiment Of Doctrine

Inasmuch as the CSP welcomes to its membership all who are seeking truth, it does not require its members to accept this statement of doctrine. This is simply our view. We are prepared to ordain anyone who asks for it, because we believe they are seeking the truth as are we all. That`s the most important thing.

Our Beliefs

There is one supreme being, no matter what name he/she is called.

There is no one religion as such, but many different interpretations and spiritual ways of living and connecting to something greater.

Everyone is entitled to their own belief system.

It is not our right to tell others how to believe, think, dress or behave.

To treat others as we want to be treated is a major law.

We learn from each other and our inner self.
Nothing is impossible, miracles happen all the time, we just need to open up and see them.

We hold that a truth nor a revelation is not a truth for a person unless they see it for themselves.
There are many different churches in the world today with many different interpretations of what the Bible or other holy writ means and stands for. We feel it is time to have a church to help ourselves and others with differing beliefs as well.

At the CSP we do not require that you give up your present beliefs or your present church to become a Minster with us. We believe that it is your right to believe as you feel led and not as we tell you to live.

Our Affiliations

We are continuously asked who we are affiliated with.

We felt it necessary to make this public explanation.

The CSP is an independent church affiliated with no other church except those that are chartered with us and those of our ministers.

We are not nor have we ever been affiliated with The Universal Life Church or any of its affiliated organizations, though many ministers belong to both the CSP and the ULC. But, our ministers are allowed to work and belong to as many ministries as they wish or where ever their work may take them.

Brochures are available for download here.

~ Special Thanks to Jim Floyd, Sir Thom, Aaron Joy & the former Abbots of the St. James Monastery, and the late Archbishop Robert Guffey, who had a hand in designing earlier incarnations of this site. ~

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  1. Warm Greetings,
    I was ordained by the CSP in 2004, at that time I joined the Church Order, “Our Lady of All Nations”. I am aware the Order no longer exists, but for my personal records I am willing to purchase a reprint of the certificate – or if possible, a formal letter of my original membership on official letterhead.
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    Br. David Pascua, OLAN

  2. Can you send me information about your ordinations and the cost to become ordained my address is 317 South Main St Apt B Chambersburg PA 17201 thank you God bless you

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    I would like to get a copy of my ordination papers, please. I was ordained sometime around 2002-2004, and I’m a former Bishop at Large (I had to resign my commission due to my own bad health).

    I’m listed under one (or more) of the following: Carolann Lerwill, Carol Ann Plowman, Carolann Robinson.

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  8. Many Blessings… Formerly know as Lady Revered Mitzi Edwards, Mother Superior of Our Lady of All Nations of CSP. I would like to contact you to update my information and get a letter of good standing. I stayed in contact with Archbishop Robert Guffey until shortly before his passing. Always thankful for my many years of memories of him and CSP.

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